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When I started Sam Unconstrained, I wanted to push myself out of my bubble. I wanted to do more, learn more, and essentially be more. A year and a half later, I feel like I’ve accomplished that. Maybe I didn’t make it to 100, but I accomplished what I set out to do and I feel good about it. So with that said, Sam Unconstrained has evolved from trying to new things to things to a more personal every-day-life sort of blog. But don’t worry! I’ll also be launching a new blog/website in a couple of weeks so watch out for that. The plan is to have the new blog focus on PR and marketing in relation to video games.

Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you’ll hate it.
You’ll have to try it find out.

colon – right bracket

The weather has been fantastic lately and because of that, I’ve been in a fantastic mood. Seriously, life couldn’t be better. I wanted to share this awesomeness with you so here are some videos/songs that make me smile. Hopefully they make you smile too.

60: Losing someone you love(as an adult)

No one tells you what to do.

No one tells you how to act.

No one tells you how to dress.

Instead, they ask,

“Are you alright?”



“Were you close?”

I’m not sure.

I took more time off to drive my grandma to doctors appointments and to the dentist this summer than I would ever take off for myself or for anything else. However, I wouldn’t say we were close.¬†She was just always there. Always smiling. Always looking out for us. With the help of my auntie, she was a guardian angel for my family. She was quiet but always able to show that she cared. As most grandmas are, she was a wonderful lady and she will be missed.

59: Go Jets

I watched my first Jets game last night (on tv…hahahah). They won! It was cool. I’m not really sure what else to say about that. In other news, I’m totally obsessing over the music videos for Black Water and Bad Ritual by Timber Timbre right now. The style is tres tres cool. Check them out for yourself.

58: Scotch Eggs

The other day I went to the King’s Head with a friend and as I ordered the usual chicken fingers and fries, they went a little cray cray and ordered scotch eggs.

scotcheggsI wasn’t really sure what to expect but I soon found out that Scotch Eggs are a hard-boiled egg, wrapped in ground sausage, covered in bread crumbs and deep fried. At the King’sHead you get two eggs, cut in half. The four pieces cost 7.95 and they’re pretty good but very, very filling. I couldn’t imagine eating a meal afterwards.